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2019 Exhibition Theme

(Dys)Placed: Exploration of Identity

How are students navigating perceptions of their identity in an ever-shifting world? This year’s Walk the Art exhibition theme addresses how identities are placed and displaced, and how students are constantly exploring who they are in shifting spaces. The exhibition provides an opportunity for students to delve deeper into how geography, community, society, and the world around them shapes identities, and how their placements and displacements within these contexts can inspire a critical exploration of the self. This topic aims to empower and encourage students to be curious and authentic in their exploration, and to produce work that is not only reflective, but also communicates their individual voice.


Eligibility for Participation

To participate in Walk the Art, you must be a high school student registered with a Peel District School Board secondary school. Your work must be endorsed by a visual art or media art teacher at your school, and demonstrate an your thinking around the notions of Place, as described above. You will need to complete a full submission package, including a photograph of your artwork (see Photographing Your Artwork), a polished artist statement (see How to Write an Artist Statement) and a completed online submission (see WTA Submissions). Only works that are “exhibition ready” will be displayed as part of the show (see Creating Exhibition Ready Artworks).

Artforms for Exhibition

The Creative Galleries at the Hazel McCallion Campus of Sheridan College is able to accommodate a wide range of traditional, non-traditional and emerging media. In order to accommodate as many artworks as possible, it is requested that each school only submit 3 artworks, as the gallery space can accommodate approximately 50 (size depending). As a guideline, it is requested that flat artworks (i.e. paintings, drawings, prints, etc.) are no larger than 75 cm (30 inches) x 90 cm (36 inches). Three dimensional work should occupy no more than a 60 cm (24 inches) x 60 cm (24 inches) footprint. If you have a work that deviates from these size requirements, please contact the Walk the Art organizers to see if the work can be accommodated.

Any specialized equipment or technologies necessary for the artwork are to be provided by the artist or school.

Important Dates

The following dates are important to remember for your participation in the exhibition:

  • Wednesday May 1st – Artist Statements DUE online (100 words max)
  • Thursday May 16th – Artwork Drop Off at Sheridan (3:00 – 5:00 pm)
  • Thursday June 6th @ 6:30 pm – Opening Reception
  • Artwork Pick Up Date & Location TBD