2016 – Place

  • Gracie Xia

    Comfort Digital Painting in Photoshop, 2016 In my piece I wanted to illustrate a home that shows comfort, colour, and the idea that happiness comes from the simple things. The best place to be is home. After a long day at school or work, people long to return to the place where they call home – […]

  • Peter Wang

    The Big Face of Tendency Oil on Canvas, 2016 The word “tendency” in the title of my artwork means a collective unconsciousness, at doing, or pursuing one certain purpose or object. My theme for this image is the power of tendency. My inspiration from the power of Chinese “monarchy” and Chinese modern history. The historical context […]

  • Megan Wendland

    Big Planet Acrylic Paint, Photography, 2015 In my artwork I am trying to communicate to my audience about how little we know about the unknown of space. I want my audience to question that very thought. I used colour and shape to make the planets stand out. I also used lots of layering to make a […]

  • Lia Vesters

    Untitled Photography, 2016 For this piece I had to take a landscape shot and also a close-up of an item in the shot, whether it was a piece of bark on a tree or even a scrape of metal, it just had to be a close-up of something in the photograph. Immediately I think of nature […]

  • Kayla Veloso

    The Outcome Acrylic Paint, 2015 From the beautiful and nature filled landscape of the past, the pollution filled city scape of the present, and the resulting effects of pollution beneath the surface, this painting shows a glimpse of what will happen if we don’t take care of the place we call home. Technology’s place in our […]

  • Katherine Tang

    What is false about this window? Digital Illustration, 2016 The title poses the question, “What is ‘false’ about this window?” and “Which side of the window are we on?” This piece was inspired by Rene Magritte’s, “The False Mirror,” but I chose to paint a galaxy as the iris instead of the sky. This galaxy is […]

  • Victoria Steblaj

    Untitled Mixed Media, 2016 The place represented in this piece is my cottage in Bancroft, Ontario. This piece represents my relationship with the place, with aspects taken from the place itself. The main idea of this piece is to highlight the positive relationship between man and nature. I included the dark streaks on the outside of […]

  • Diala Sabbah

    Untitled Mixed Media, 2016 Camera: A boxlike device for holding a film or plate sensitive to light, having an aperture controlled by a shutter that, when opened, admits light enabling an object to be focused, usually by means of a lens, on the film or plate, thereby producing a photographic image. –Dictionary.com In 1816 the camera […]

  • Cassandra Penafiel-Velez

    Untitled Photography, 2015 Places. Everyone has that one place that transforms into their safe haven. Although it may not look like anything special to someone else, the emotional bond that you created can’t be easily replaced with another location. This statement inspired me to create a piece that shows the contrast of how one place looks […]

  • Kiarra Partington

    The Seams in Time Pen and ink and embroidery, 2016 My artwork conveys the idea of reincarnation, often found as a component of the belief of karma. The belief of reincarnation revolves around the cycle of rebirth, where your soul is transferred into a body each time you die. My piece explores the connections within reincarnation […]

  • Bisma Naeem

    Transcending Universe Acrylic on canvas, 2016 Transcending Universe explores the idea of place and where we stand in the universe. It is an attempt to portray how even though every individual in society is different, they fit perfectly in this universe, regardless of the way we look, or our racial identity. We are all made of […]

  • Gauri Murria

    Mermaid in the Deep Sculpture, 2016 My sculpture is of a rebellious mermaid who does not fit the archetypical definition of a mermaid. She does not have the long flowing hair, but instead short hair. The brighter colours of her hair and scales contrast with her skin. These elements help make the idea of being a […]

  • Chloe Mclaughlin

    Nager Dans Le Bleu Profond Acrylic, 2015 Do you know what you’re doing in your life; where you’re going? I, for one, am lost. This is the idea behind my piece. It is a statement about my place in life, and life itself. We’re all doing our best to succeed and get through each and every […]

  • Anisa Malik

    The Balancing Act Graphite on Paper and Mylar, 2015 An individual’s identity is continually developing and being influenced throughout a their life. A person is merely a snapshot of what influences are primarily dictating their state of being at the time. The Balancing Act is about the collective chosen and existing influences that work to create […]

  • Juno Lee

    Untitled Watercolour, 2016 I think that we as humans are quick to form judgments about others. We can easily judge others from what we see on the outside. We do not know about their secrets, their past and the challenges and obstacles they faced to reach where they are now. I mainly used watercolours with two […]

  • Connie Lam

    A Shared Place Digital Photograph, 2016 I chose to photograph Kariya Park because it is my favourite place. Kariya Park is named after the city of Kariya in Japan, and is Mississauga’s twin city. To me, Kariya Park is a hidden paradise. I come here regularly because it clears my mind. This place gives me the […]

  • Avalene Kong

    Time Acrylic Paint on Canvas, May 2016 Painting ignites in me a fascination to explore the deeper side of myself, and the need to express these emotions. Instead of a landscape or a specific setting, I wanted to display an image of a rather indescribable place in my mind. Here, my work is intended to convey […]

  • Jennifer Kim

    Untitled Acrylic on Canvas, 2015 Through my artwork, I wanted to take the public to a place where emotions and physical aspects can identify and express one’s gender. Since gender is more than a binary term based on one’s sex, the word is slowly becoming acknowledged as a fluid form of representation for one’s preferences and […]

  • Rasna Kainth

    6ikhs Digital Photography, 2016 There are countless cultural festivals that take place in Toronto, each one important to different cultures. The last Sunday in April, Sikhs gather to celebrate their New Year and the formation of their religion called the Khalsa day parade. It starts from the CNE grounds to Nathan Phillips Square. This photograph captures […]

  • Khushi Jetley

    If These Walls Could Say Watercolour, 2016 If these walls could say… I made this painting because, everyone feels homesick after they leave their home. I was homesick too. That is why I named this painting “If These Walls Could Say”. This painting reminds me of my home and takes me back whenever I look at […]

  • Omar Imam

    Untitled Digital Photography, 2016 In life, we as humans face many unpredictable obstacles that may significantly affect our mental state in a negative way. In order to escape this chaos, our mind constructs a space for us to relieve any pain that could have been caused by these obstacles. A place where we can forget about […]

  • Sinead Hutchison

    Out of Place Mixed Media, 2016 My art piece reflects the social media site Tumblr, and how it has impacted my journey through being mentally ill. As an artist, I joined Tumblr, posting art, poetry, and just about anything. I also invested a lot of time venting about my mental illness. Pretty soon, it started to […]

  • Felicia Guan

    Red Monkey Mask Paper, 2016 I chose to make my mask based on what it conceals and what it represents. I decided to do it on one of my favourite holiday, which is Chinese New Year. I wanted to show elements of the Chinese culture on my mask, for example, paper cutting is a traditional activity […]

  • Victoria Glanton

    Bottled Up Still Life Photography, 2016 The theme of my artwork is bottled up emotions, which relates to broken emotions. I portrayed my theme by the use of the glass bottle and the thumbtacks. I used thumb tacks to represent the bottled up feelings of anger, betrayal and hurt. I broke the glass to represent and […]

  • Navneet Gill

    House of God Mix media, acrylic on canvas, 2016 This artwork was created to display the important features of the Sikh place of worship, called a Gurdwara. Gurdwara literally translates to the door, or house of God. The different aspects of the Gurdwara represent the teachings given by the Ten Sikh Gurus, including peace, tranquility, equality […]

  • Paulina Erchova

    amaranthine Watercolour, pencil crayon, and ink pen on watercolour paper, 2016 Amaranthine focuses on a spiritual or mental place rather than a physical location. Amaranthine visual represents the realization of interconnectivity between humans and the universe. We are not only physical beings; we are the flowers and the earth and we are the stars and the […]

  • Nanika Easy

    I Felt Hopeless, Now I Have Found Hope Paper Mache, acrylic, a book as a base and ribbons to hold it up, 2016 Once there was a man with a cast on his leg due to injuries caused by a car accident. Without his ability to walk, he was unable to do the things that made […]

  • Kelly Clark

    Past The Peak Photography, 2015 In this photo the element of line is my chosen and most clear compositional strategy. By using the buildings to not only frame but also create leading lines throughout, there is no one spot a viewer’s eye may not reach. The entire shot creates a very active atmosphere, and with different […]

  • Heena Chudasama

    #befree Photography, 2016 Fascinators have been associated with headgear in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Its purpose is to “fascinate” a personal charm. For my Walk the Art submission, I decided to create a magazine spread that depicts the theme of place in reference to one’s emotional well-being in society. The idea of my piece […]

  • Rachel Chau

    The Library Photography, 2016 A place can be a geographic location, however its meaning goes beyond that. The identity a place possesses can also be defined by the people who go there. The library is familiar to most students. I used to love going to the library, because it always had all kinds of books for […]

  • Cawthra Park Students

    The View from the South, the View from the North Fabric, Thread, 2016 On a YMCA Youth Exchanges Program, students from Cawthra Park Secondary School and Riverside Public School visited John Arualukjuak High School in Arviat, Nunavut. A month later, students from Nunavut visited with the students in Peel. Before travelling, each student made a stitched […]

  • Emma Bradley

    Evolution Discarded Electronics, 2016 Using a life-size installation, I analyzed the theme of “place” with an historical and social lens, aspiring to address humanity’s place in time, and where we are headed in the future. In today’s society we are infatuated with technology. It holds our attention captive, no matter how old we are. The TV […]

  • Manroop Bhogal

    Downfall Mixed Media, 2016 I intended to create my piece in order to make the viewer aware of the mass destruction of nature that humans have caused in the name of industrial production. I decided to create a piece where the natural components are contained in a glass vase, while metals and man-made industrial parts are […]

  • Juman Barazi

    Power Relationships Acrylic, 2016 The title of my art piece is “Helpless”. I feel as though this title captures the tense and powerful mood of my painting. It is also meant to expose the idea behind this piece, which is the devastation in Syria in light of recent events concerning Syrian refugees. The figure in this […]

  • Sasha Bahadur

    The Ugly Truth Hidden Behind Beautiful Lies Acrylic Paint on Boards, 2016 The art piece I have created displays a man sitting on a piece of land overlooking his hometown. He is in a state of meditation reflecting on our global environment. Our world is developing more and more every day for the better. even if […]

  • Maham Alam

    Untitled Acrylic, 2016 My artwork explores the idea of mental illness, and how it can take over an individual. Mental illness occurs when the brain is not working the way it should, it interferes with relationships and affects a person’s ability to function on a day-to-day basis. Mental illnesses are very common and widespread; most people […]