2017 – STEAM

  • Abigail Mae Bermeo

    Mystical Fauna Mixed media on canvas, 2017 My artwork represents the connection of human beings in relation to wildlife. The girl in the picture has a regretful expression on her face which is  symbolic of her attitude towards the treatment of rare species of wildlife. The animals in the background have a fading quality to them, […]

  • Alexandra Berry Calderon

    Flash   Digital Photo, 2017 Flash represents the use of scientific technology in our world today. There are many new ideas constantly popping up all around us, but what about the older ones? In the late 1800’s, early photographers would use magnesium to produce photographic lighting. Magnesium was a popular choice because it was easy to […]

  • Amanpreet Singh and Shameem Syed

    Creation Mixed Media, 2017 The main idea of our project was to capture the Earth’s creation and evolution in a simple, but artistic form. When brainstorming, it occurred to us that there are few artworks that combine religion and science into one and the idea of merging these two is often considered taboo and therefore, is […]

  • Anjali Attwal

    Infinite Possibilities Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 2016 My artwork explores the possibilities of our future. The painting consists of a blank pyramid in a galaxy painted with black, blue, red, and white acrylic paint. The blank pyramid symbolizes time and is placed in a galaxy, where space is infinite. This painting is influenced by the abstract […]

  • Ankush Gogna

    The Forgotten World Ink Jet Print, 2017 The work that I have created is called The Forgotten World. It depicts the contrast between man-made and natural landscapes. Throughout the history of humanity we have always wanted to grow as a society through the development of land, economy, and technology. Today we live in a world, that […]

  • Asad Manzoor

    untitled Digital print, 2016 The intention of this mural is to showcase the combination of creative and academic thinking that is cultivated at Stephen Lewis Secondary School. The vibrant colours and organic forms in the mural represent the creative, “right-brain” side of the student; the rigid shapes that create the construction site in the head, and […]

  • Ashley Nguyen and Rubanjot Jhujj

    PROTOTYPE Mixed Media, 2017 In our society today, advancement of technology has led us to be very dependent of it. Its impact on our lives is immeasurable. It’s is used in almost every aspect of our lives. For this reason, we predict that in the future, that technology will further progress and it can perhaps […]

  • Belinda Zhang

    Untitled 3D Printing, 2017 I believe that being creative allows us to invent new ideas. I wanted to portray how we can use creativity through STEAM to create technology that allows us to transcend our human capabilities. In my model, this is demonstrated through the symbolization of different objects, such as the binoculars which signify exploration, […]

  • Bhavini Mistry

    S.T.E.A.M Power Animation, 2017 Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math all play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. That is why for my animation, “S.T.E.A.M Power”, I looked for a way to show that S.T.E.A.M can be used by anybody, anywhere, and at anytime. The girl creates her first set of Steampunk goggles out of […]

  • Cawthra Park Grade 9 Collaboration

    Investigation: Where Art Meets Science Saltwater and Iron Shavings on Canvas, 2017 “Artists and scientists alike begin their working projects and processes with a question – an inquiry. They are located within and asking questions of the same world. Processes and final manifestations of the work can differ greatly, yet goals may be parallel”. – Beth […]

  • Colin Arthurs

    Sorrow in Conflict Digital Collage, 2017 The goal of this piece is to convey the impact that war and conflict has on the human psyche, the individual and the masses. In light of recent global crisis and conflict, I decided to make a statement on our world’s current state. The piece was created with the combination […]

  • Dawei Liu

    The Space Between Marker, 2016 Computers are important in design but sometimes an artist’s human touch can create a design that appeals to the human heart.  Controversies continue to exist about the mechanization of our society and at times it seems that technology has overcome all aspects of contemporary life, but creativity endures.  My art explores […]

  • Emily Franzoi

    Evanesce Video, 2017 Identity is the way of which a person is presented to others, as well as the person’s character. This may mean physical appearance, personality, values, and life choices. It is human nature for one to wish to explore their identity and it is extremely important that teenagers think about their identity so that […]

  • Gianni Colantonio

    The Explorer Digitally Colored Print from Drypoint Etching, 2017 The comic panel has always been a universal form of art that has never needed words to express an idea, and that has always attracted me towards this form of art. This piece combines elements of analog, traditional technology with modern digital technology, and combines the scientific […]

  • Hannah Tarr

    One World Mixed Media, 2017 STEAM brings the ideals of science, technology, engineering, art and math together. As time passes each of these areas develops and transform in its own ways. When we started brainstorming and developing our idea’s to represent STEAM, we wanted to be able to capture the concept as a whole rather than […]

  • Jaben Musni

    Pull The Trigger? Interactive Film, 2017 This is a film about a kid who struggles with issues in school and gets constantly bullied. He then finds one person who he feels like he could rely on. He plans to start a school shooting to put an end to the bullying, with the intention of having the […]

  • Jacky Chen

    Lonely Mind Photograph, 2017 I want  viewers who see a lonely mind to understand how people are starting to lose control of their lives because of the pull of technology. I hope to enhance the idea of how crowded our lives are by filling the frame with lights that lead towards the figure in the image. […]

  • Jasvinder Hundal

    She Can Photographs, 2017 This series is a reflection of women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) fields. I portrayed the themes of justice and equality for women in my piece.  I was inspired to create the piece “She Can” as it is very relevant to myself. In my high school career I watched […]

  • Jaylon Kerr

    Engine of Creativity Photo Illustration, 2017 The main source of inspiration for the style of this image comes from the steampunk aesthetic as I felt it gives some uniqueness to the image. Steampunk brings together modern technology with a Victorian vibe. Each part of the S.T.E.A.M.  acronym is represented in this image. Science for me means […]

  • Jerin Raisa

    It’s an Act of Perspective   Acrylic on Canvas, 2017 It’s an Act of Perspective illustrates, through artistic, scientific and historical perspectives, the life and accomplishments of the physicist, Niels Bohr. The middle eye represents the perspectives: art, history and science. Inside the inner eye, a model of Bohr’s atomic structure can be found. The semi-rings […]

  • Jessica Mohabir

    Strands and Branches Photography, 2017 Strands and Branches, explores the difference between rural and urban normality. Through this work I’m expressing how despite the physical and materialistic differences bordering nature from industrial, humanly formed constructs often share similarities with their industrial counterparts. The subjects within the two photographs depict the difference between treetops and the hair […]

  • Katha Patel

    Destroy & Disappear Video, 2017 The issue reflected in the video is the overuse of the earth’s resources and destroying the environment. Humans continue to destroy the earth through the technologies that we develop, even though we are aware of the consequences. We put so much pressure and stress on the earth to extract its resources […]

  • Madison Burke

    Corrupted Lungs Mixed Media, 2016 With this work I hope to convey an almost mystical approach to the human anatomy. Analyzing different art historical periods, such as artwork by Leonardo da Vinci has provided us with insight, into the scientific progress of the last few centuries.  With Corrupted  Lungs, I wanted to take a dark spin […]

  • Manjot Salh

    Oxide Digital Print, 2017 Water is essentially steam in its condensed liquid form and is always thought of something that is beneficial because all organisms on earth need it to survive.  Usually, we don’t think about the fact that it can be harmful when it rusts things and makes them useless. Sometimes we undermine the extent […]

  • Maryam Asad

    Destruction Upon Us Photograph, 2017 I hope viewers will view this image, called Destruction Upon Us, and consider that our future is slowly deteriorating. As the pieces of the bulb are drifting in midair, the viewer’s eyes move from one piece to another in a radial movement because the pieces are exploding in a circular motion. […]

  • Meegan Lim

    Powering Through Watercolour, India Ink, Coffee on Illustration Board, 2017 This piece represents my relationship with coffee and my decreased energy throughout a long day of hard work. Powering Through correlates with STEAM, as it connects steam to a release of energy; hence, my piece showing the release of energy caffeine, coffee specifically, gives me. […]

  • Navneet Kensray

    The Binary Star System Colony Acrylic Painting, 2017 Due to the increasingly popular scientific topic of colonization on planets and the upcoming Mars colony, I have become convinced that this idea and future technological advancements will lead to colonies on not only Mars, but other planets, even those situated billions of light years away. I decided […]

  • Nicole Dacanay

    residual Photograph 2017 The title I chose for this piece is residual. It is a portrait of two girls in an embrace with a second exposure of a forest landscape. My goal was to evoke a sense of longing for real human physical interaction. I used grayscale colours and a misty, mysterious background to give […]

  • Nuha Wani

    Fools Paradise Interactive Video, 2017 Fools Paradise is a film on depression. The film includes various aesthetics and symbolism to not only focus on depression but also to give an insight of artwork related to such mental disorders. I created this film to spread awareness about depression and how a person with depression can be hopeful […]

  • Pernia Jamshed

    Harmony Fine point pens and acrylic paint, 2017 My artwork depicts the need for harmony between technology and humankind. Often in our technology driven world, it is hard to disconnect. Technology is consuming every part of our lives; from communication to interaction. My drawing embodies this idea but with a bit of hope. Technology is beautiful […]

  • Pranita Santosh

    We’re Growin’ It Pencil and Pencil Crayon, 2017 My artwork is a visual representation of how we can improve our fast food services by using better design. McDonalds is a popular restaurant, although its drive thru can have long wait times and its menu items are not the healthiest of choices. The inspiration for my design […]

  • Quentashia Provo

    Tree Top Living Pencil, 2017 My drawing shows a vision of the future where we can live eco-friendly lives by embracing nature. What influenced my work was the idea that our society needs to have more sustainable building practices allowing us to stop deforestation and habitat loss and to live more harmoniously with the environment. The […]

  • Raymin Sidhar

    Connection of Five Mixed Media, 2017 My sculpture tries to connect the idea of S.T.E.A.M – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Drawings on one side of the head, represent the concepts that are in developing within the mind. The other shows the gears of the mind churning, creating new ideas, clocks represent the time needed […]

  • Rebecca Jung

    Fragile Man Magazine Collage, 2017 Without the ability to actualize an idea or concept, art would not exist. My work juxtaposes clippings from magazines with an album cover. In this specific art work I only limited myself to one medium which was magazine clippings. In this art piece I created an image of a man made […]

  • Rebecca Smart

    Untitled Acrylic, 2017 When thinking of the topic of steam and ways we use it I chose to go with my first thought of vegetables and take a more comical and lighthearted approach. To take the idea of vegetables steaming in a comical direction I chose to place vegetables you would normally steam in a sauna […]

  • Rheanna Gilbert

    Tapped Acrylic on Canvas, 2016 In Canada, First Nation reserves throughout the country have been denied accessible and clean water. This painting’s clean, freshwater blue background sharply contrasts the toxic coloured, bacteria infested fluid contained in its 90 cups. The capabilities of science and engineering to identify water quality issues and respond to them effectively are […]

  • Roushan Tabassum

    Iconoclasm Sculpture, 2016 My steampunk-inspired sculpture, titled “Iconoclasm”, is of a mechanic hand holding a mechanical heart. The word ‘iconoclasm’ stands for the action of attacking or assertively rejecting cherished beliefs and institutions or established values and practices; a synonym for rebellion. In this case, I decided to portray how the industrialization and the advancement of […]

  • Rubanjot Jhujj

    Prototype Mixed Media, 2017 In our society today, advancement of technology has led us to be very independent of it. Its impact in our lives is immeasurable. We use technology every day, whether it is using your phone to play games or use it as tools to perform surgery in a medical hospital. It’s is used […]

  • Sahar Hakimpour

    Cognitive Bloom Acrylic Painting, 2017 My painting, “Cognitive Bloom” is an acrylic painting on a 6×6” canvas. The term “cognitive” refers to the mind’s workings, and it is a play on the word ‘cog’, meaning the spokes of the wheels of gears. My goal for this piece was to find a way to incorporate the beauty […]

  • Sandy Liang

    Untitled Digital Photography, 2017 When something is common or appears often, people tend to forget how special it is or how much it means to someone. Glasses for instance, are fairly common. What a lot of people don’t realize is how different the world would be without the invention of glasses. I took the photos as […]

  • Shameem Syed

    Creation Mixed Media, 2017 The main idea of our project was to capture the Earth’s creation and evolution in a simple, but artistic form. When brainstorming, it occurred to us that there are few artworks that combine religion and science into one and the idea of merging these two is often considered taboo and therefore, is […]

  • Streetsville SS Collective

    The Exquisite Corpse Project Acrylic on Cardboard, 2017 We, the Grade 12 visual arts class of Streetsville Secondary School, have created a collaborative artwork that encompasses the elements of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.  Our piece, although unified through the STEAM theme, is unique in the sense that each of us has created our own […]

  • Tahreem Zafar

    Trappist-1d Landscape   Digital Art, 2017 These four images show the landscape of a planet that was recently discovered in the solar system Trappist-1. It is 39 light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Aquarius. It has an M-type ultra-cool dwarf star known as Trappist-1a. There are a total of 7 planets in this solar […]

  • Tamanna Rudra

    Global Warning Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 2016 The purpose of this piece is for the viewer to perceive a reflection of our world through a different lens, and to understand how we impact the world we live in. The message I would like to get across through my artwork is that we, as humans, are responsible […]

  • Tammy Guo

    Untitled Acrylic painting, 2017 The goal for this piece is to capture the elements that accompany a city lifestyle and urban development.  The glowing colours of the city background which depicts life and possibility contrasts with the girl who stands alone in the foreground.  She looks onto the city as if she’s longing, or expecting something […]

  • Tiana Young

    Cornelius   Paper over armature on wooden base, 2017 I wanted to create a piece that portrayed elements from nature alongside a human component in a demonstration of, not only my own interest, but humanity’s interest with the study of nature and the forces that drive it. Cornelius was created as a representation of the concept […]

  • Vrishub Merai

    Excite Photography, 2017 The name of my photograph is “Excite”. I wanted to make a picture that reflected the spark or excitement that lies behind all creative processes. It is all about how much excitement and energy your life has the potential to experience, I wanted to capture something to embody the intangible nature of the […]

  • Wayne Zhu

    Vector Self-Portrait as Objects Digital Laser Print, 2017 I created this work as a self-portrait as a collection of objects. It was created as an abstract vector from multiple objects of personal value. The Object Self-Portrait assignment became a deep reflection of my own personal ideals, beliefs and values. The objects that I have chosen to […]

  • Westley Le Donne

    Forsaken Stop-Motion Animation, 2017 “Forsaken” was an animation born out of curiosity and awareness. I’ve had some of my good friends come to me to seek help after they said they wanted to commit suicide. They came to me because they wanted help, and they saw me as a trustworthy person. I helped them, and now […]

  • Yvonne Chung

    I am More than My Selfie Photograph, 2017 The title of this photograph is, “I am More Than My Selfie ”. I chose this title because I wanted to express that our online identities cannot reflect our true selves as we are not just two dimensional. In a time where social media is such a big […]

  • Zohaib Vehra

    Architect’s Carousel Animated Gif, 2017 This work explores the idea of creation and destruction.  In cities like Toronto for example, with the rapid pace of gentrification, it is hard to appreciate the culture and history of a community and its architecture as buildings are created and torn down so quickly .   Buildings are essential to […]