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2016 – Place

2016 Exhibition Theme Place is defined by a boundary, in which the centre is separated from the periphery – that which lays outside. A place determines who is included and excluded from a particular community through various obstacles and challenges. Our sense of community can be defined through the cultures and subcultures to which we all belong, as we participate in customs […]

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Capturing A Life of Movement

Written for WTA by Sally Min The passing of time, the passing of gestures, the growth of life, the transformation of dispositions – these are simply a few examples of the way contemporary artists such as Shinichi Maruyama and Heather Hansen have captured the process of change and metamorphosis, that is life. Ways of moving […]

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Numerate Place

One of the ways in which math and art can intersect! Taking a look at the relationship between geometry, algebra and art…. of course within the context of understanding “Place”!

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Intersectionality & Place

Intersectionality is a theory and practice of looking at systems and their interactions. It originally emerged from the investigations into the interactions of oppressive systems and how the marginalization of people and groups was further intrenched through layers of prejudice and discrimination. For example, people have been historically discriminated against because of their skin colour […]

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Gairloch Gardens, Oakville Ontario

Contemporary Artists Exploring Place

Contemporary artists often explore notions of place. In this blog post, Janet Cardiff, Ai Wei Wei and the Artists of Art:21 are introduced as exemplar artists for students to look at and investigate in relation to this year’s theme for Walk the Art: Place!

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Rachel Whiteread “Place (village)”

This piece is an installation of about 200 vintage dollhouses, all unique architecturally and roughly about 3 feet tall, is the artists comment on community. The houses are all lit from within but are empty inside evoking a feeling of emptiness and isolation within community. Spaces that are not normally acknowledged, are of particular interest […]

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Chen Bo-I “The Place Where we Belong”

Chen Bo-I, “The Place Where we Belong” is part of a contemporary art exhibition curated by the national Taiwan museum of fine arts. Chen uses his hydraulic engineering background to document historical areas and building in Taiwan that have been vacated. When we first look at this piece it documents the abandoned houses in Taiwan’s […]

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Real Spaces – Defining Place

If places unite groups, they exclude as well as include, and are therefore also fundamental to the institutionalization of difference among groups. David Summers Real Spaces (2003) Places are not just geographical places or coordinates on a map. They are the spaces in which people are included, and excluded through the purposeful design of the place. […]

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