Creating Exhibition Ready Artwork

Each year, we review what it means to create exhibition ready artwork. Having your work ready to hang or to be displayed is an essential part of the creative process as it indicates that you are considering the presentation of your piece. This greatly assists the curatorial staff and those working on hanging the exhibition.

Designing An Exhibition

Considering the Effects of Displaying Your Work

As you prepare your work for display, you should also consider the care of your artwork. The McMichael Gallery offers extensive considerations for how to display artworks, taking into consideration the archival quality of the materials you use, the effects of sunlight and even the interactions your work may have with gallery visitors. When you display your work, are you protecting it or are you okay with the possibility it may be damaged?

Hanging Your Exhibition

Lisa Strazza hangs her works in her artist-owned Strazza Art Gallery in Warwick, New York. Photos by Jonathan Talbot unless otherwise noted. From

After you have selected your exhibition space, and you have created your body of work to show, it is time to think about hanging your work. The following resources may assist in determining the process of how to hanging your exhibition:

Requirements for Walk the Art

When you have finished your work, no matter what medium you have worked in, you need to ensure that it is ‘exhibition ready’. This means that our exhibition partners have a clear understanding how your work is to be displayed, and all the materials are included in your submission when you drop off your work at the gallery. For complex installations, it may be required that you or your teacher are on site to set up your work.

Painting on Stretched Canvas

All paintings on canvas must have a proper hanging wire or string attached to the back of the painting so that the painting can be hung easily on the wall. Please ensure that the wire is sufficiently taught so as to ensure that it hangs properly and level.

Framed Artwork

Paper based artworks (i.e. drawings, prints, photographs, canvas boards, etc.) can be framed. Walk the Art does not cover the cost of framing. It is the responsibility of the artist / submitting school if the work is to be framed. Like stretched canvas paintings, please ensure that there is a proper hook or wire so that the frame can be hung.

Paper Based Artworks

In some instances, artists prefer to have paper based artworks displayed outside of a frame. If your artwork is displayed in an unconventional manner, please ensure that all the materials are included for display (i.e. nails for magnets to attach to, or clips, etc.). A photograph illustrating how your work is displayed, with instructions is helpful to ensure your work is installed as intended.

Artworks in Series

Please be advised that if your work is part of a series, scale is an important consideration, as not all pieces may be included if they are large, so as to ensure equity amongst the schools participating in the exhibition. Typically, accommodating series that are smaller in nature are easier to incorporate into the exhibition. Please provide detailed instructions illustrating the order in which the images are to be installed. All images should be clearly labelled to facilitate the installation process. All materials necessary to install the series must also be provided by the student / submitting school.


Sculptural works come in a variety of different dimensions, and ways in which they are to be displayed. When submitting your work to the gallery, please indicate your preferred method of display (i.e. is it to be placed on the floor or on  a plinth). Please be reminded that sculptural work should have a foot print no larger than approximately 60 cm x 60 cm (or 2 ft x 2 ft).


Videos are more than welcome. We ask that you please submit your file as an *.mp4 file directly to the exhibition organizers so that a master disk can be created prior to the exhibition. All video submissions will be strung together and looped on a single monitor.

Technology Based Artworks / New Media

Walk the art does not have access to all technologies that can be used to create various artworks. It may be necessary for you to leave your technology at the exhibition space for the duration of the show. Likely it will also require you to come in and set up the work and ensure that all aspects of the work are functioning properly. You will also need to instruct the curatorial staff as to how to set up and run your work. The Walk the Art Organizers nor the Exhibition Space are responsible for the equipment while the work is at the gallery exhibition (from the point of drop off to the gallery to the point of pick up after the show).