2016 - Place

  • Gracie Xia

    Comfort Digital Painting in Photoshop, 2016 In my piece I wanted to illustrate a home that shows comfort, colour, and the idea that happiness comes from the simple things. The best place to be is home. After a long day at school or work, people long to return to the place where they call home – […]

  • Peter Wang

    The Big Face of Tendency Oil on Canvas, 2016 The word “tendency” in the title of my artwork means a collective unconsciousness, at doing, or pursuing one certain purpose or object. My theme for this image is the power of tendency. My inspiration from the power of Chinese “monarchy” and Chinese modern history. The historical context […]

  • Megan Wendland

    Big Planet Acrylic Paint, Photography, 2015 In my artwork I am trying to communicate to my audience about how little we know about the unknown of space. I want my audience to question that very thought. I used colour and shape to make the planets stand out. I also used lots of layering to make a […]

  • Lia Vesters

    Untitled Photography, 2016 For this piece I had to take a landscape shot and also a close-up of an item in the shot, whether it was a piece of bark on a tree or even a scrape of metal, it just had to be a close-up of something in the photograph. Immediately I think of nature […]

  • Kayla Veloso

    The Outcome Acrylic Paint, 2015 From the beautiful and nature filled landscape of the past, the pollution filled city scape of the present, and the resulting effects of pollution beneath the surface, this painting shows a glimpse of what will happen if we don’t take care of the place we call home. Technology’s place in our […]

  • Katherine Tang

    What is false about this window? Digital Illustration, 2016 The title poses the question, “What is ‘false’ about this window?” and “Which side of the window are we on?” This piece was inspired by Rene Magritte’s, “The False Mirror,” but I chose to paint a galaxy as the iris instead of the sky. This galaxy is […]

  • Victoria Steblaj

    Untitled Mixed Media, 2016 The place represented in this piece is my cottage in Bancroft, Ontario. This piece represents my relationship with the place, with aspects taken from the place itself. The main idea of this piece is to highlight the positive relationship between man and nature. I included the dark streaks on the outside of […]

  • Diala Sabbah

    Untitled Mixed Media, 2016 Camera: A boxlike device for holding a film or plate sensitive to light, having an aperture controlled by a shutter that, when opened, admits light enabling an object to be focused, usually by means of a lens, on the film or plate, thereby producing a photographic image. –Dictionary.com In 1816 the camera […]

  • Cassandra Penafiel-Velez

    Untitled Photography, 2015 Places. Everyone has that one place that transforms into their safe haven. Although it may not look like anything special to someone else, the emotional bond that you created can’t be easily replaced with another location. This statement inspired me to create a piece that shows the contrast of how one place looks […]

  • Kiarra Partington

    The Seams in Time Pen and ink and embroidery, 2016 My artwork conveys the idea of reincarnation, often found as a component of the belief of karma. The belief of reincarnation revolves around the cycle of rebirth, where your soul is transferred into a body each time you die. My piece explores the connections within reincarnation […]