2016 - Place

  • Bisma Naeem

    Transcending Universe Acrylic on canvas, 2016 Transcending Universe explores the idea of place and where we stand in the universe. It is an attempt to portray how even though every individual in society is different, they fit perfectly in this universe, regardless of the way we look, or our racial identity. We are all made of […]

  • Gauri Murria

    Mermaid in the Deep Sculpture, 2016 My sculpture is of a rebellious mermaid who does not fit the archetypical definition of a mermaid. She does not have the long flowing hair, but instead short hair. The brighter colours of her hair and scales contrast with her skin. These elements help make the idea of being a […]

  • Chloe Mclaughlin

    Nager Dans Le Bleu Profond Acrylic, 2015 Do you know what you’re doing in your life; where you’re going? I, for one, am lost. This is the idea behind my piece. It is a statement about my place in life, and life itself. We’re all doing our best to succeed and get through each and every […]

  • Anisa Malik

    The Balancing Act Graphite on Paper and Mylar, 2015 An individual’s identity is continually developing and being influenced throughout a their life. A person is merely a snapshot of what influences are primarily dictating their state of being at the time. The Balancing Act is about the collective chosen and existing influences that work to create […]

  • Juno Lee

    Untitled Watercolour, 2016 I think that we as humans are quick to form judgments about others. We can easily judge others from what we see on the outside. We do not know about their secrets, their past and the challenges and obstacles they faced to reach where they are now. I mainly used watercolours with two […]

  • Connie Lam

    A Shared Place Digital Photograph, 2016 I chose to photograph Kariya Park because it is my favourite place. Kariya Park is named after the city of Kariya in Japan, and is Mississauga’s twin city. To me, Kariya Park is a hidden paradise. I come here regularly because it clears my mind. This place gives me the […]

  • Avalene Kong

    Time Acrylic Paint on Canvas, May 2016 Painting ignites in me a fascination to explore the deeper side of myself, and the need to express these emotions. Instead of a landscape or a specific setting, I wanted to display an image of a rather indescribable place in my mind. Here, my work is intended to convey […]

  • Jennifer Kim

    Untitled Acrylic on Canvas, 2015 Through my artwork, I wanted to take the public to a place where emotions and physical aspects can identify and express one’s gender. Since gender is more than a binary term based on one’s sex, the word is slowly becoming acknowledged as a fluid form of representation for one’s preferences and […]

  • Rasna Kainth

    6ikhs Digital Photography, 2016 There are countless cultural festivals that take place in Toronto, each one important to different cultures. The last Sunday in April, Sikhs gather to celebrate their New Year and the formation of their religion called the Khalsa day parade. It starts from the CNE grounds to Nathan Phillips Square. This photograph captures […]

  • Khushi Jetley

    If These Walls Could Say Watercolour, 2016 If these walls could say… I made this painting because, everyone feels homesick after they leave their home. I was homesick too. That is why I named this painting “If These Walls Could Say”. This painting reminds me of my home and takes me back whenever I look at […]