2016 - Place

  • Cawthra Park Students

    The View from the South, the View from the North Fabric, Thread, 2016 On a YMCA Youth Exchanges Program, students from Cawthra Park Secondary School and Riverside Public School visited John Arualukjuak High School in Arviat, Nunavut. A month later, students from Nunavut visited with the students in Peel. Before travelling, each student made a stitched […]

  • Emma Bradley

    Evolution Discarded Electronics, 2016 Using a life-size installation, I analyzed the theme of “place” with an historical and social lens, aspiring to address humanity’s place in time, and where we are headed in the future. In today’s society we are infatuated with technology. It holds our attention captive, no matter how old we are. The TV […]

  • Manroop Bhogal

    Downfall Mixed Media, 2016 I intended to create my piece in order to make the viewer aware of the mass destruction of nature that humans have caused in the name of industrial production. I decided to create a piece where the natural components are contained in a glass vase, while metals and man-made industrial parts are […]

  • Juman Barazi

    Power Relationships Acrylic, 2016 The title of my art piece is “Helpless”. I feel as though this title captures the tense and powerful mood of my painting. It is also meant to expose the idea behind this piece, which is the devastation in Syria in light of recent events concerning Syrian refugees. The figure in this […]

  • Sasha Bahadur

    The Ugly Truth Hidden Behind Beautiful Lies Acrylic Paint on Boards, 2016 The art piece I have created displays a man sitting on a piece of land overlooking his hometown. He is in a state of meditation reflecting on our global environment. Our world is developing more and more every day for the better. even if […]

  • Maham Alam

    Untitled Acrylic, 2016 My artwork explores the idea of mental illness, and how it can take over an individual. Mental illness occurs when the brain is not working the way it should, it interferes with relationships and affects a person’s ability to function on a day-to-day basis. Mental illnesses are very common and widespread; most people […]