2017 - STEAM

  • Anjali Attwal

    Infinite Possibilities Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 2016 My artwork explores the possibilities of our future. The painting consists of a blank pyramid in a galaxy painted with black, blue, red, and white acrylic paint. The blank pyramid symbolizes time and is placed in a galaxy, where space is infinite. This painting is influenced by the abstract […]

  • Sandy Liang

    Untitled Digital Photography, 2017 When something is common or appears often, people tend to forget how special it is or how much it means to someone. Glasses for instance, are fairly common. What a lot of people don’t realize is how different the world would be without the invention of glasses. I took the photos as […]

  • Pernia Jamshed

    Harmony Fine point pens and acrylic paint, 2017 My artwork depicts the need for harmony between technology and humankind. Often in our technology driven world, it is hard to disconnect. Technology is consuming every part of our lives; from communication to interaction. My drawing embodies this idea but with a bit of hope. Technology is beautiful […]

  • Dawei Liu

    The Space Between Marker, 2016 Computers are important in design but sometimes an artist’s human touch can create a design that appeals to the human heart.  Controversies continue to exist about the mechanization of our society and at times it seems that technology has overcome all aspects of contemporary life, but creativity endures.  My art explores […]

  • Madison Burke

    Corrupted Lungs Mixed Media, 2016 With this work I hope to convey an almost mystical approach to the human anatomy. Analyzing different art historical periods, such as artwork by Leonardo da Vinci has provided us with insight, into the scientific progress of the last few centuries.  With Corrupted  Lungs, I wanted to take a dark spin […]

  • Colin Arthurs

    Sorrow in Conflict Digital Collage, 2017 The goal of this piece is to convey the impact that war and conflict has on the human psyche, the individual and the masses. In light of recent global crisis and conflict, I decided to make a statement on our world’s current state. The piece was created with the combination […]

  • Alexandra Berry Calderon

    Flash   Digital Photo, 2017 Flash represents the use of scientific technology in our world today. There are many new ideas constantly popping up all around us, but what about the older ones? In the late 1800’s, early photographers would use magnesium to produce photographic lighting. Magnesium was a popular choice because it was easy to […]

  • Rebecca Smart

    Untitled Acrylic, 2017 When thinking of the topic of steam and ways we use it I chose to go with my first thought of vegetables and take a more comical and lighthearted approach. To take the idea of vegetables steaming in a comical direction I chose to place vegetables you would normally steam in a sauna […]

  • Meegan Lim

    Powering Through Watercolour, India Ink, Coffee on Illustration Board, 2017 This piece represents my relationship with coffee and my decreased energy throughout a long day of hard work. Powering Through correlates with STEAM, as it connects steam to a release of energy; hence, my piece showing the release of energy caffeine, coffee specifically, gives me. […]

  • Manjot Salh

    Oxide Digital Print, 2017 Water is essentially steam in its condensed liquid form and is always thought of something that is beneficial because all organisms on earth need it to survive.  Usually, we don’t think about the fact that it can be harmful when it rusts things and makes them useless. Sometimes we undermine the extent […]