Abigail Mae Bermeo

Mystical Fauna

Mixed media on canvas, 2017

My artwork represents the connection of human beings in relation to wildlife. The girl in the picture has a regretful expression on her face which is  symbolic of her attitude towards the treatment of rare species of wildlife. The animals in the background have a fading quality to them, also showing how they are ignored and exploited by mankind. The patterns making up the girl show how humans are such complicated creatures who think about so many things, but still manage to ignore the welfare of a living being. The girl’s hair is made up of foliage and organic patterns, which show that she is connected to nature. The contrasting colours chosen for this work however were intentional because I wanted to show the divide between the two worlds of humans and animals, that even though we exist so close together, we are also unconnected, living in different worlds. The fantasy-like feel of the animals is intended to show that there is so much mystery in the world of animals that is waiting to be explored by mankind, this can only be possible if human beings shift their focus from their own personal gain to the well-being of the large kingdom of wildlife that holds much value for us, without the need for destruction.