Ankush Gogna

The Forgotten World

Ink Jet Print, 2017

The work that I have created is called The Forgotten World. It depicts the contrast between man-made and natural landscapes. Throughout the history of humanity we have always wanted to grow as a society through the development of land, economy, and technology. Today we live in a world, that seems totally human-made and it doesn’t feel real anymore.

I want the viewer to question this artificial “human-made” world we have created, and embrace the nature this planet has to offer. I have composed two very similar, yet contrasting images. The first image depicts the hectic, cluttered so-called “developed” world. There is a sign pole in the foreground, and a busy intersection in the background. This image gives off a complicated and unsettling feeling. The second image displays the soothing natural world that a lot of people don’t engage with. It shows a tree in the foreground and a bush can be seen in the background and this image gives off a calm, relaxing feeling. Both images are composed in a very similar so the viewer can make the direct comparison between the two worlds and the two pictures.