Ashley Nguyen and Rubanjot Jhujj


Mixed Media, 2017

In our society today, advancement of technology has led us to be very dependent of it. Its impact on our lives is immeasurable. It’s is used in almost every aspect of our lives. For this reason, we predict that in the future, that technology will further progress and it can perhaps replace even body parts and perhaps human whose body has been very damaged can survive in a mechanical body. It’s from this prediction that we got the inspiration to make our human cyborg robot named PROTOTYPE for our art assignment.

This project is a futuristic outlook on how technology can be developed to make a human-like the robot. This experiment greatly relates to STEAM. We use science and technology as the theme of this artwork. The whole body is made of metal and uses technology to function but we show a human heart and human brain to show the importance these two organs are to human life. Engineering and math are also used to calculate the proportion of the body and build it such that it represents a human body and also it is able to stand by itself.