Belinda Zhang


3D Printing, 2017

I believe that being creative allows us to invent new ideas. I wanted to portray how we can use creativity through STEAM to create technology that allows us to transcend our human capabilities. In my model, this is demonstrated through the symbolization of different objects, such as the binoculars which signify exploration, the need to seek, and the views of creative minds. Each person will view the world in a different way. The boat is used to represent discovery and the crossing of obstacles and boundaries. The wings are used to express the freedom that creativity grants as well as the aspiration to rise towards our goals. The flowers, organic and natural, represent creativity and art. I have chosen to use 3D modelling and printing because the program, the printing device, and the medium itself was created using the elements of STEAM. The inspiration that influenced my work was from a dream that I had about flying. Defying gravity and soaring in the sky had made me feel invincible; I felt like nothing could stop me from achieving my goals.