Bisma Naeem

Transcending Universe

Acrylic on canvas, 2016

Transcending Universe explores the idea of place and where we stand in the universe. It is an attempt to portray how even though every individual in society is different, they fit perfectly in this universe, regardless of the way we look, or our racial identity. We are all made of the same materials.

The face represents that we were all born from females, and the ear is the transition between life and death through its fetal like form. This suggests that when an individual is born they are helpless and have no idea what is to come in their future. Likewise, when an individual is dying they do not know what happens in the afterlife. I chose unusual colours for the facial features to represent diversity and how not one individual is the same in this universe. The painting style is loosely influenced by the work of Surrealist artist Vladimir Kush.

Ultimately, we are all just a tiny piece of star dust floating in an unfathomable universe. The human race just so happens to be what shapes the identity of the universe — with the different ideas and cultures; everyone has a place.