Cassandra Penafiel-Velez


Photography, 2015

Places. Everyone has that one place that transforms into their safe haven. Although it may not look like anything special to someone else, the emotional bond that you created can’t be easily replaced with another location. This statement inspired me to create a piece that shows the contrast of how one place looks plain in comparison to how it looks to someone who has transform it to something great.

The way I decided to achieve that idea was to photograph three sections my favourite location on a gloomy day to capture the idea of it being dull or uninteresting to people that pass by. To capture the ideal of haven within this place, I heighten the colours enough to give it the sense of it being safe and welcoming.

This is an uncommon way for me to express this theme of places and identity due to most of my common work being in a sculpture form. My inspirations usually come from a combination of my own personal experience and music that I listen to.