Cawthra Park Students

The View from the South, the View from the North

Fabric, Thread, 2016

On a YMCA Youth Exchanges Program, students from Cawthra Park Secondary School and Riverside Public School visited John Arualukjuak High School in Arviat, Nunavut. A month later, students from Nunavut visited with the students in Peel.

Before travelling, each student made a stitched drawing of something ordinary from his or her own neighbourhood, or hometown. As on traditional Ontario signature quilts, students included their names. Some members of our communities also contributed – some made a donation to have their name included, some artists from the Mississauga Seniors Centre stitched a drawing to add to the work. We also made ghostly white stitching, showing what we thought the ‘other place’ on our exchange trip might look like.

In Nunavut, we were shown some traditional sewing strategies by an Elder. Each traveller from Arviat was asked to make a stitched drawing of something taken for granted in his or her neighbourhood, and to think of what Mississauga might have that would be different.

When on exchange, travellers have made another component of the work, seeing what that ‘other place’, in fact, looked like, or had to offer. How is a place different for a resident, and for a visitor?

From one side of the structure, you can see The View from the South, from the other, The View from the North.