Chloe Mclaughlin

Nager Dans Le Bleu Profond

Acrylic, 2015

Do you know what you’re doing in your life; where you’re going? I, for one, am lost. This is the idea behind my piece. It is a statement about my place in life, and life itself. We’re all doing our best to succeed and get through each and every day, but how many of us actually know what we are doing and where we want to go? This is especially apparent in students having to make important choices occasionally with little to no experience or direction. It’s sometimes difficult to know whether you’ve made a choice for better or for worse. I often find myself feeling lost, like I’m wading in waters with unpredictable conditions.

My piece is of swimmers. I’ve placed three people in the frame, all in their own state of being representing people in their everyday lives. Everyone is different, dealing with his or her own thoughts, choices, and actions. “This is us” making our way through our own lives: floating, lost, following currents, or perhaps swimming strongly, determined to arrive at some far off destination. This piece is almost a direct interpretation of my place and the several choices I am making that will affect my future. The reason the subjects in my painting are naked is to reveal a vulnerability. The idea is that appearances are irrelevant since we are all fighting our own battles, and are all vulnerable.

I used acrylic paint on a wooden board to mimic the texture of water swirling and blending. I stuck to cool toned colours, to portray a heavier, “blue” kind of mood. My piece is a simple approach at attempting to understand my place in life; to know that it’s okay to be lost sometimes, to tread water, or to have direction. Although life won’t wait for you, the choices that you make are your own, and you can always change, whether it be direction or speed. Ultimately, we’re all just swimmers in an ocean that is called life.