Colin Arthurs

Sorrow in Conflict

Digital Collage, 2017

The goal of this piece is to convey the impact that war and conflict has on the human psyche, the individual and the masses. In light of recent global crisis and conflict, I decided to make a statement on our world’s current state.

The piece was created with the combination of a simple image and a quote by Dante Alighieri. The stock image was of a Kalashnikov (AK-47) with a blurred gravel road backdrop.  The image was edited in many ways, the contrast and brightness of the image were drastically altered to accentuate the subtle lighting. Colours were isolated and filtered individually to give the entire image a white-washed appearance, yet the colours are still rich and deep.  Some artistic license was employed with adding a scratched, scuffed glass effect over the entire ensemble.

My goal for viewers of this image is not to simply take the text and image at stock value, consider what the two mean when they are put together to create one image. Consider the meaning of the quote, as it has many different yet equally impactful interpretations. My goal is for the viewer to have a pensive attitude after viewing this piece.