Connie Lam

A Shared Place

Digital Photograph, 2016

I chose to photograph Kariya Park because it is my favourite place. Kariya Park is named after the city of Kariya in Japan, and is Mississauga’s twin city. To me, Kariya Park is a hidden paradise.

I come here regularly because it clears my mind. This place gives me the silence and tranquility that cities lack. The duck is alone here. His environment has been taken over by us, but this place is still a calm and safe haven for him. It is becoming increasingly rare for me to see nature in the city. The wildlife is forced to share this place with us.

We tend to forget what it feels like to slow down and notice our surroundings in our busy lives. For me, this park is a reminder of how important it is for us to pause and observe what is right in front of us. We must learn again to enjoy the silence