Diala Sabbah


Mixed Media, 2016

Camera: A boxlike device for holding a film or plate sensitive to light, having an aperture controlled by a shutter that, when opened, admits light enabling an object to be focused, usually by means of a lens, on the film or plate, thereby producing a photographic image. –Dictionary.com

In 1816 the camera was invented by Joseph Niepce in order for the following upcoming generations to capture and preserve the beauty of places around the world.

This steampunk camera gives one a sense of nostalgia for places imagined or real. This simulacra draws our attention to the importance of capturing the past and the present. In order to preserve our lives, culture, emotions, we need to have a means of capturing these memories in a way that protects them for future generations. It is essential to have a means of recording our collective histories so that we may hand them down to the next generation. Our place in time is connected to those records that have been preserved and protected for over thousands of years whether, it’s through photographs, film, visual signals or artwork.