Felicia Guan

Red Monkey Mask

Paper, 2016

I chose to make my mask based on what it conceals and what it represents. I decided to do it on one of my favourite holiday, which is Chinese New Year. I wanted to show elements of the Chinese culture on my mask, for example, paper cutting is a traditional activity and decoration made to be put on walls during holidays or special occasions., I chose to make it partially three dimensional, making it more bold, which relates to the boldness of the Chinese New year celebration. Chinese New Year is a happy celebration, which encourages a new start, good fortune, and many other good things. My artwork, like the title, gives a clue to the meaning concealed behind the mask.

Not only does the mask represent and conceal something, it also creates awareness of Chinese New Year. Living as a minority, cultural celebrations are not as popular compared to the majorities’ celebrations, which is why I felt like it was important to create something that meant something and or has impact in society. All in all, my ultimate goal was creating awareness to the Chinese culture.

Creating this artwork allowed me to work with paper in different ways, where I did some folding and some detailed paper cutting. As an artist I’ve noticed I enjoy creating pieces of art that is culturally related. Culture is very important and is something that has a lot of meaning. I feel like understanding culture and learning different cultural art is very interesting.