Gianni Colantonio

The Explorer

Digitally Colored Print from Drypoint Etching, 2017

The comic panel has always been a universal form of art that has never needed words to express an idea, and that has always attracted me towards this form of art. This piece combines elements of analog, traditional technology with modern digital technology, and combines the scientific with the spiritual. I used the printing to give the original etching darker and crisper lines, and the colour in the artwork was added digitally and I believe the limited palette I chose gives it a very nice vibrancy and adds to the psychedelic feel of the piece. What leads the Explorer on his journey in the piece is his rocket ship, which in an ideal future would be powered by steam. Another prominent theme is an unanswered scientific question: Is there an afterlife? The Explorer takes the place of science in the piece as he tries to understand where he is and what has happened to him. I am proud of the piece and I believe it does an effective job of portraying a story without the use of words and its relevance to science.