Hannah Tarr

One World

Mixed Media, 2017

STEAM brings the ideals of science, technology, engineering, art and math together. As time passes each of these areas develops and transform in its own ways. When we started brainstorming and developing our idea’s to represent STEAM, we wanted to be able to capture the concept as a whole rather than each area own it’s own. In our eyes the best way to do this was to bring all areas of STEAM together and portray them as they are, “one world”. Once we had the idea of one world we had to figure out a way to bring it all together. In the end we decided to represent these ever changing mediums through one of the newest forms of art – multi-media art. Thus combining traditional art medium with computer designed images to create our final piece. We designed the STEAM images using computer technology. We brought the worlds of art and technology together adding traditional watercolors, acrylic paint and newspaper. Combining the traditional forms of art with the new forms of technology creating our vision of one world. The image of the earth being held up a single hand is representative of the idea that STEAM brings us together. In present day media, the world is being torn apart by different events, beliefs and ideologies. We wanted to use this image of the world to show that no matter what conflictions the world is facing there are still millions of ways that the world stands united. With STEAM being an ever evolving outlet for studies, careers and expression it allows the world to come together through science, technology, engineering, art and math. Our hope is for our multi-media piece to represent the changing and evolving worlds of STEAM, as well as at the same time show all aspects of this STEAM world united as one.