Jaben Musni

Pull The Trigger?

Interactive Film, 2017

This is a film about a kid who struggles with issues in school and gets constantly bullied. He then finds one person who he feels like he could rely on. He plans to start a school shooting to put an end to the bullying, with the intention of having the kid by his side. The kid has now found himself in a situation where he has to make very impactful stories, which come with different consequences. He could either help out the shooter, stop him in his tracks, or simply just avoid it all.

This video represents the technical aspect in art because this makes use of the cameras and it’s tools, while also making edits to a few scenes, such as adding a soundtrack while the video plays on. It also gives the viewer the freedom of choice on how the story should go through their vision. The interactive film contains different choices, which branch out to even more options for the character, and keeps going until their decisions had led to their final outcome.

The message portrayed is that once that decision is made, it will be challenging to come back from it.