Jasvinder Hundal

She Can

Photographs, 2017

This series is a reflection of women in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) fields. I portrayed the themes of justice and equality for women in my piece.  I was inspired to create the piece “She Can” as it is very relevant to myself. In my high school career I watched the decline in females in STEAM fields rapidly. I began to question this and do research. I learned that only 6/10 females pursue science while others do not due to their fear of workplace inequality. In order to achieve the theme of justice and equality I chose to highlight women and young girls. I wanted to question the very thoughts they themselves had about STEAM.

In this series, I emphasized that women are capable of pursuing any job they desire whether it is human services, STEAM, communications, business etc. However, I specifically wanted to highlight STEAM fields. I want young girls and women to be empowered and understand that the only method of breaking down this barrier is by becoming a scientist just like Rosalind Franklin, Madam Curie, Katherine Johnson and many more. Overall, the “She Can” series communicates that gender inequality must be eradicated because all human beings are equal and therefore, qualified to do anything they desire.