Jaylon Kerr

Engine of Creativity

Photo Illustration, 2017

The main source of inspiration for the style of this image comes from the steampunk aesthetic as I felt it gives some uniqueness to the image. Steampunk brings together modern technology with a Victorian vibe. Each part of the S.T.E.A.M.  acronym is represented in this image. Science for me means new innovated ideas. The gears coming out of the back of the head represent this as they are like ideas breaking out of a box. Technology is shown through the circuitry used in the head. The gears and engine on the head also represents engineering. This shows that you need time and thought to make something amazing. The piece as a whole represents art because of the way that all the components building the head show the creativity; imagination of one’s mind to create beauty. Very faintly in the background is an old piece of papyrus paper with mathematical equations on it that showing man’s progress throughout the centuries. It’s faded because even though we do not always see or understand the math behind all the technology we use today it is always there in the background.