Jerin Raisa

It’s an Act of Perspective


Acrylic on Canvas, 2017

It’s an Act of Perspective illustrates, through artistic, scientific and historical perspectives, the life and accomplishments of the physicist, Niels Bohr. The middle eye represents the perspectives: art, history and science. Inside the inner eye, a model of Bohr’s atomic structure can be found. The semi-rings of colours produced around and within the eye portray the atomic spectral of hydrogen; an element that was profusely researched by Bohr. The dials/thin lines within the semi-ring signifies the meticulous work Bohr accomplished. Schrodinger’s quantum equation represents the likelihood of finding an electron—it coincided with Bohr’s atomic model. Finally, the colours invoke feelings of warmth and coolness to envision how Bohr felt throughout his life. Red, orange and yellow express exciting periods, whereas green, blue and purple illustrate woeful ones. It’s an Act of Perspective depicts modern and historical chemistry to reveal the relationship between history and science.