Jessica Mohabir

Strands and Branches

Photography, 2017

Strands and Branches, explores the difference between rural and urban normality. Through this work I’m expressing how despite the physical and materialistic differences bordering nature from industrial, humanly formed constructs often share similarities with their industrial counterparts.

The subjects within the two photographs depict the difference between treetops and the hair of a person. The strands of the subject’s hair flows and mimics a similar pattern within the trees as portrayed by the branches. The two photographs allow the viewer’s eyes to follow the lines of the tree top that are reflected in the ends of the hair.

The photographs were taken with the intention to visually display how technological advances and human nature are slowly overtaking naturalistic normativity. Yet despite that, humans are just another output of Mother Nature which is reflected within their dispositions.

Presently, the world is continuously changing technologically and environmentally. Humans are the root cause of both. My piece reflects the two mindsets when viewing today’s societal and physical appearance. There are those who view the beauty in the fundamental nature that grows from the Earth, and then those who attempt to gain perspective on how those factors can benefit humanity on its own.