Kayla Veloso

The Outcome

Acrylic Paint, 2015

From the beautiful and nature filled landscape of the past, the pollution filled city scape of the present, and the resulting effects of pollution beneath the surface, this painting shows a glimpse of what will happen if we don’t take care of the place we call home.

Technology’s place in our society has vastly evolved, becoming such a prominent part in everyday life. This painting discusses the problems of global warming and pollution, caused by human detachment and lack of consideration to nature. Each separate canvas shows a different stage in nature’s life cycle, from the nature filled landscape of the past, to the present city scape and the resulting effect of our decisions as seen underneath the surface. Viewers are taken through this journey by following a river that joins the canvases together. The death of nature is shown through the monochromatic colours on the right, and pollution filled water. One can see a fish, representing nature; get tangled up in the debris of today’s technology.

This painting focuses on the constant growth of technology and natures resulting destruction. The project emphasizes the importance of using technology wisely; otherwise the environment that we and so many other living things depend on will continue to deteriorate.