Kelly Clark

Past The Peak

Photography, 2015

In this photo the element of line is my chosen and most clear compositional strategy. By using the buildings to not only frame but also create leading lines throughout, there is no one spot a viewer’s eye may not reach. The entire shot creates a very active atmosphere, and with different colour roofs, tiles and windows the textures and contrasts are quite satisfying. I most definitely filled the frame of this photo and I am quite happy with the boundaries I pushed. By including the bottom right corner in the frame, where a building is entirely in sight and of a very bland colour the shot may have almost been overwhelming.

Referring to the title, “Past The Peak” has a few meanings; firstly quite literally it means that we are viewing these houses from an extremely high angle shot (past their peaks). Though it also refers to the “peak” into the lives of people living within these buildings. The greatest example within the photo is specifically the view of the roof top terrace.

Not only can we view part of their personal lives, but we are also able to do so from a unique angle which takes us past the typical “peak”. While taking this photo I had hoped to capture peoples curiosity towards the time, place and interesting textures. Furthermore, the longer they looked at the photo I hope to envelop them in the feeling of this place and moment through rich detail and full framing. Although only I know that this specific town in the shot is about 1000 years old, I hope to transport anybody looking at this photo to another time and place. Whether it be the Medieval period the town remains untouched in or somewhere else their imagination leads them my goal is to leave people feeling transported for as long as their gaze lies upon this photo.