Kiarra Partington

The Seams in Time

Pen and ink and embroidery, 2016

My artwork conveys the idea of reincarnation, often found as a component of the belief of karma. The belief of reincarnation revolves around the cycle of rebirth, where your soul is transferred into a body each time you die. My piece explores the connections within reincarnation and the cycle of rebirths. The Seams in Time was created by a simplistic representation of the connections within reincarnation; where the past, present, and future lives of an individual are seen overlapping to portray my concept.

The media I chose to use was pen and ink and thread to convey a simplistic portrayal of my theme of lives from the past, present and future connecting and overlapping. By using both mediums, I was able to add a layering effect that incorporates 2D and 3D elements to my piece, giving more visual depth and further conveys my theme. The pen and ink represent the present life—the base of the artwork. The blue and red thread woven throughout my work represents the past and future lives of the individual. The red thread displays the past, the history of the individual. The blue thread represents the future, through the colour you associate with the sky—a future with endless possibilities and hope. The overlapping of the pen and ink and threads are what make up the “seams” in time. The lines are enclosed in a circular form with no defined outline. This is to represent the cycle of rebirths, which, like a circle is never ending. It is not defined because the cycle is a belief and even though it is not seen, it is still present. The decision to frame my work vertically was drawn from the inspiration of the connections between the past, present and future lives, specifically, the overlapping of them all. The vertical framing of my art is to further display the importance of overlapping to my theme through the framing as well as the art itself.