Lia Vesters


Photography, 2016

For this piece I had to take a landscape shot and also a close-up of an item in the shot, whether it was a piece of bark on a tree or even a scrape of metal, it just had to be a close-up of something in the photograph. Immediately I think of nature considering it is an easy topic to choose from, but like always, I wanted it to mean something.

The meaning as to why I took the landscape photograph is to portray the beauty around us, the beauty in the earth and what happens when you do not interfere with how it grows or where. What happens when you let it grow on its own while not getting involved. What beauty can come apart of when it is left alone. The clear blue sky, The healthy trees and bushes around the tree that is the focus. Also how the grass grew, in clumps and beautifully leaving everyone who looks at it awed in admiration and tranquility. It was overall just stunning and beautiful to look at, it was impossible not to capture that moment, everything was just perfectly placed and i had to share it.

I took the close-up of the grass because the look of it would really catch your attention, how it was laid out would remind you of waves in the sea and it was all so jaw-dropping. That is why instead of taking a photograph of one of the clumps of grass, I made it so there was several up close for you to see the wave effect it all made. What makes it so perfect is the fact that it is imperfect, all of the grass is not a beautiful green that sweeps you off your feet, but it is a light white/brown colour underneath and a light green on top. Life is that way, life is not perfect in anyway but all the imperfections make it better and worth it so that in the end you can say you had a perfect life and that you would not change a thing, because every single imperfection just makes it all the more better and keeps you on your feet.