Madison Burke

Corrupted Lungs

Mixed Media, 2016

With this work I hope to convey an almost mystical approach to the human anatomy. Analyzing different art historical periods, such as artwork by Leonardo da Vinci has provided us with insight, into the scientific progress of the last few centuries.  With Corrupted  Lungs, I wanted to take a dark spin on this and showcase the irreversible affects that bad air quality can have on the body. I used watercolour paint, bobby pins, thread, and pink Himalayan sea salt to create the lungs and give them a textural depth. Photographing my piece also adds a level of depth, as I was able to play with light exposure.

On a positive note, I think the asymmetry of the piece speaks to the body’s resilience and our ability to adapt to shifts in our environment. Artists will continue to evolve with the environmental and political climate of our time and I hope that my piece will communicate this!