Maham Alam


Acrylic, 2016

My artwork explores the idea of mental illness, and how it can take over an individual. Mental illness occurs when the brain is not working the way it should, it interferes with relationships and affects a person’s ability to function on a day-to-day basis. Mental illnesses are very common and widespread; most people suffer from a mental health problem at least once in their lives. You can recover from mental illness, but it is all on to the individual, and can be defined as “living well in presence or absence of symptoms”. I have created this artwork where I’ve used the idea of shapes and placed it very carefully on the face to show my own mental state. To show people the point where I was at where I didn’t even recognize myself, I felt like I wasn’t the same person anymore, I felt so hopeless that I didn’t feel like doing anything, till I realize that this wasn’t the worse part of my life.