Manjot Salh


Digital Print, 2017

Water is essentially steam in its condensed liquid form and is always thought of something that is beneficial because all organisms on earth need it to survive.  Usually, we don’t think about the fact that it can be harmful when it rusts things and makes them useless. Sometimes we undermine the extent of the rusting and continue to use rusted objects every day despite the fact that they are rusting. The objects I photographed, which are screws and washers, a hand washing fountain head, and a drinking fountain, are examples of this because they are all used on a regular basis. As the water evaporates off of these objects as gas, it slowly takes the function of the object with it. Regardless, they are still used and no one pays any attention to the fact that they are corroding and most likely unhygienic. No one is aware of the corrosion until there is a spotlight put on it.