Manroop Bhogal


Mixed Media, 2016

I intended to create my piece in order to make the viewer aware of the mass destruction of nature that humans have caused in the name of industrial production. I decided to create a piece where the natural components are contained in a glass vase, while metals and man-made industrial parts are pouring down onto nature, intending to break its barrier of protection in order to destroy it completely. I chose to work with a vase as the case for my piece to allow the viewer to walk around and view the artwork from different angles.

Due to the resemblance between the materials used and their representations in the piece, they helped emphasize the message within the artwork. My environment heavily influenced the creation of this piece. For so many years, I have seen forests destroyed for the construction of industries, and decided that society must know of the destruction we have caused upon nature. The piece represents how we are unaware of the consequences that nature must face as we continue to “benefit” from the industries that destroy it.