Maryam Asad

Destruction Upon Us

Photograph, 2017

I hope viewers will view this image, called Destruction Upon Us, and consider that our future is slowly deteriorating.

As the pieces of the bulb are drifting in midair, the viewer’s eyes move from one piece to another in a radial movement because the pieces are exploding in a circular motion. With the sharp angles and tiny specks of the bulb, a sharp and glass texture is portrayed to enhance the dark and edgy mood of the image.

With this image I want the viewers to acknowledge the importance of their future. Everyone is so involved with technology that we don’t take the time to look at the damage being done to our earth. Nobody realizes how big of an ecological footprint we are leaving. People will try their best to protect and take care of their phone as it is their world when really they aren’t caring of the actual world they live in. My hope is to help others realize the damage that is being done and that we should try to take positive action.