Meegan Lim

Powering Through

Watercolour, India Ink, Coffee on Illustration Board, 2017

This piece represents my relationship with coffee and my decreased energy throughout a long day of hard work. Powering Through correlates with STEAM, as it connects steam to a release of energy; hence, my piece showing the release of energy caffeine, coffee specifically, gives me. The piece not only utilizes actual coffee as a medium, but shows the symptoms of caffeine consumption – from twitching hands to an increased heart rate. All suspended in a surrealistic composition with detached hands, pulled nerves and an abstract depiction of coffee. The use of mixed media allows the piece to depict the theme to its full potential. As it demonstrates the daze one may experience before a crash, from the combination of lack of sleep and too much caffeine. Although, it is a very simplified representation of my experience and many others, it displays the reality of teenagers who aim for high goals. It does not come with ease, it requires hard work and perseverance – and sometimes that requires a boost.