Nanika Easy

I Felt Hopeless, Now I Have Found Hope

Paper Mache, acrylic, a book as a base and ribbons to hold it up, 2016

Once there was a man with a cast on his leg due to injuries caused by a car accident. Without his ability to walk, he was unable to do the things that made him happy. He began to lose hope and descended into darkness. He had strange dreams of a koi fish swimming around a monolith that he sat on. When he woke up from this dream, his depression turned to fate like clockwork. He decided to go fishing. And just like in his dream, he discovers the monolith. He sits and waits for a bite of koi fish to feed his family. He waited hours upon hours. Before he decided to give in to depression once again, he felt something tugging on the other end. He reeled in a shining star. He stared at the star and smiled. It was his ticket to great riches and a beacon of glimmering hope.