Navneet Kensray

The Binary Star System Colony

Acrylic Painting, 2017

Due to the increasingly popular scientific topic of colonization on planets and the upcoming Mars colony, I have become convinced that this idea and future technological advancements will lead to colonies on not only Mars, but other planets, even those situated billions of light years away. I decided to depict what a colony may look like on a planet with a binary star system. I painted it in a semi-realistic way because this style sort of symbolizes that this is a possibility that has not yet been achieved. I have painted a structure that depicts a colony that includes a telescope, the furthest structure, and a greenhouse, which is the translucent building. The rest of the structure is for any operations and procedures needed to be able to survive on this particular planet. In the future, colonization will be important for human survival as the Earth is not immortal. This will allow humanity to survive long after the sun dies.