Nuha Wani

Fools Paradise

Interactive Video, 2017

Fools Paradise is a film on depression. The film includes various aesthetics and symbolism to not only focus on depression but also to give an insight of artwork related to such mental disorders.

I created this film to spread awareness about depression and how a person with depression can be hopeful and find hope. My vision for this film is to make viewers realize that not every smile is real, that silence isn’t always tiredness, and that ‘I’m okay’ isn’t always true.

I made the film in such a way that the audience feels sympathy towards the character. I got inspired by a kpop group called bts that makes music videos based on a story called Omelas. For people living in Omelas to be happy, one person must sacrifice their happiness for everyone else. I took some ideas from this story and made a new storyline that people could relate to.

To make this film more interesting, the artwork and symbolism has been added to keep the viewers thinking and make the film mysterious.