Paulina Erchova


Watercolour, pencil crayon, and ink pen on watercolour paper, 2016

Amaranthine focuses on a spiritual or mental place rather than a physical location. Amaranthine visual represents the realization of interconnectivity between humans and the universe. We are not only physical beings; we are the flowers and the earth and we are the stars and the universe.

The figure in my art piece represents us; humans, people. Her body is blended in with flowers and her hair blends into space. This represents the connection between us and everything else in the universe. We are made up of the same stuff that stars and flowers are made up of and that is something I wanted to portray in my piece. My use of watercolour paint lends a softness to the painting which conveys a “blended” or “connected” feel. I used the ink pen (in black) to enhance certain features on the lady’s face like her eyelashes and eyebrows to contrast the extreme softness of everything else and I used the pencil crayon (in white) to sharpen individual hair strands.

I was inspired to paint this piece when I saw the work of an artist who painted a portrait of a girl with freckles for constellations and her hair in the image of the universe, so I wanted to reflect the idea of space in my own work.