Pranita Santosh

We’re Growin’ It

Pencil and Pencil Crayon, 2017

My artwork is a visual representation of how we can improve our fast food services by using better design. McDonalds is a popular restaurant, although its drive thru can have long wait times and its menu items are not the healthiest of choices.

The inspiration for my design mostly comes from personal experience. My brother would constantly get angry over the waiting period and my dad would get upset over the fact that it isn’t healthy. In addition, I was also inspired by rooftop gardens found on hotels and skyscrapers.

My re-mastered version of McDonalds includes two drive-thrus to decrease the waiting period. Another obvious element I added is a rooftop garden. This garden is very important as it reduces transportation costs of food and can help reduce the use of chemicals and preservatives used in food.

The media that I used were pencil and pencil crayon. I specifically used pencil crayon because the colours emphasised the new additions to the original McDonalds structure. I also used linear perspective to get exact placements of these additional features.

Overall, my work deals with an everyday problem that could slowly be improved if more McDonalds were like this.