Raymin Sidhar

Connection of Five

Mixed Media, 2017

My sculpture tries to connect the idea of S.T.E.A.M – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Drawings on one side of the head, represent the concepts that are in developing within the mind. The other shows the gears of the mind churning, creating new ideas, clocks represent the time needed to develop ideas. The clock on the back of the head is connected to the gears which move the hands of the clock. The clock connects to a string moving within the head, the mind moves the clock. The sculpture shows that art plays a role in creating these ideas within the mind. Artistic forms represent the ideas within the mind, which in turn represents the idea when there is a physical object to support it.

The accompanying image of the mind as the virtual world and that time is needed to create these ideas in the physical. The head is connected to the clock, which displays that the gear which moves time forward. The lightbulb on the head represents new concepts. A 3D cartesian coordinate system is placed at the centre of the head to further show that ideas in this image are unreal. Moreover, the image displays various equations and sketches of these ideas.