Roushan Tabassum


Sculpture, 2016

My steampunk-inspired sculpture, titled “Iconoclasm”, is of a mechanic hand holding a mechanical heart. The word ‘iconoclasm’ stands for the action of attacking or assertively rejecting cherished beliefs and institutions or established values and practices; a synonym for rebellion. In this case, I decided to portray how the industrialization and the advancement of technology is somewhat of an iconoclasm to nature. Rebellion is usually used to refer to violent acts by people against a political system or used to refer to a teenager wanting to be independent and not relying of their parents. However, I believe that this rebellion against nature has actually brought very positive changes because before, synthetic organs or body parts were not available for organ transplants. With medicine and technology evolving, such things are now possible. I believe that my approach to the exhibition was appropriate as it allowed me to explore a mix of mediums and different concepts, to expand my skills as an artist, and to share my views on technology on human lives with others.