Sahar Hakimpour

Cognitive Bloom

Acrylic Painting, 2017

My painting, “Cognitive Bloom” is an acrylic painting on a 6×6” canvas. The term “cognitive” refers to the mind’s workings, and it is a play on the word ‘cog’, meaning the spokes of the wheels of gears. My goal for this piece was to find a way to incorporate the beauty of machinery, mechanics and motion with nature’s organic beauty. I have used two elements that would not normally be seen together, metal gears and flowers. This painting speaks to the many ways people can visually understand S.T.E.A.M. and the world in its mechanical and organic complexities. This painting represents a stepping stone towards what I have wished to achieve in my art from the beginning of this year; to create connections between different, sometimes opposing subjects and find meaning behind them.