Sasha Bahadur

The Ugly Truth Hidden Behind Beautiful Lies

Acrylic Paint on Boards, 2016

The art piece I have created displays a man sitting on a piece of land overlooking his hometown. He is in a state of meditation reflecting on our global environment. Our world is developing more and more every day for the better. even if we are gradually destroying our planet and environment, we still believe that we have the time to avoid destruction and save it. However, this man looks upon our world and sees nothing but chaos and destruction. He sees the truth of our world; it is no longer on the verge of destruction, and not salvageable. This is due to factors we see every day, such as global warming. Thus, while society might see the illusion of a peaceful and developing world, this man sees the truth behind the illusion; a world of chaos and destruction.

This triptych art piece consists of three different paintings joined together to make one image. It was made using 3 canvases made from foam board and bristle board paper, cardboard for the base to hold together the structure, as well as acrylic paint. I have chosen to try and give this piece somewhat of a 3-D perspective by layering the different canvases upright and distanced from one another. The paintings themselves are 2-D traditional artworks, however are spaced out away from each other to emphasize the two different perspectives of the world.