Shameem Syed


Mixed Media, 2017

The main idea of our project was to capture the Earth’s creation and evolution in a simple, but artistic form. When brainstorming, it occurred to us that there are few artworks that combine religion and science into one and the idea of merging these two is often considered taboo and therefore, is avoided. We chose to combine the religious and scientific narratives, portraying the hands of a Supreme Creator, or Artist, one might say, fashioning a DNA double helix that would descend into a mass of land, representing the Earth, surrounded by buildings, which would depict modern civilization. We have always enjoyed Earth Science and Biology. Biology is the study of life, and Earth Science is the study of the Earth, both of which focus on observing living and non-living organisms, in the aim to uncover how they are composed, how they work, and how they exist. To us, Visual Arts revolves around similar concepts; making observations for a greater purpose, either personal or societal. In order to parallel the sciences and arts in our project, we decided to play with the idea of a Supreme Creator or Artist.