Sinead Hutchison

Out of Place

Mixed Media, 2016

My art piece reflects the social media site Tumblr, and how it has impacted my journey through being mentally ill. As an artist, I joined Tumblr, posting art, poetry, and just about anything. I also invested a lot of time venting about my mental illness. Pretty soon, it started to almost become a competition of who is the “most oppressed” and who is “more mentally ill”. This resulted in my going through a downwards spiral of depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, and severe self harm. I joined the website originally to help myself but it ended up hurting me in the long run. My sculpture symbolizes that period in my life, the blood represents the conscious and unconscious things I was doing to myself to become a “better” member of this social media community, and the wires, chargers, and glitch represent the damaging ideologies that ate away at my mental health, until I decided to leave the website. The entire piece itself represents feeling out of place in a community that I thought I “should” have fit into.