Tamanna Rudra

Global Warning

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 2016

The purpose of this piece is for the viewer to perceive a reflection of our world through a different lens, and to understand how we impact the world we live in. The message I would like to get across through my artwork is that we, as humans, are responsible for what takes place in our world, and the constant changes and occurrences are a result of our actions and ignorance. This painting mirrors the effect that human beings have on the Earth, but also helps the viewer come to a realization of their actions; we have the ability to make a difference in the world yet so many of us choose not to and instead, turn a blind eye on the truth.

The sphere resembles a crystal ball because it symbolizes how fragile our world really is.  Each colour in the sphere represents something different. The blue represents water, where the darker blues are contaminants in our fresh water, the purple represents the darkness and hatred in the world, and the green, which is limited, represents the decreasing amount of wild-life. The hard-edges of the taped triangles resemble shattered shards of glass, as our world will shatter if we refuse to look after it.